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There are different Truck Driver Salary Models which we will examine here if you are thinking about becoming a truck driver Then, you’re in luck! Because you’re about to embark on an adventurous journey. And want to know the best part? Truck drivers get paid quite handsomely. We highly doubt that a career offers such a fast track into financial stability, with both job satisfaction and long-term job security.  However, unlike any other job out there, truck drivers’ salary scale is measured quite differently.

In other words, their salary comprises of how many miles they traveled, with a set rate per mile. That rate varies depending on the years of experience different drivers have or the region they want to drive in. Furthermore, it also depends on the companies who pay more because of their high demand for Class A licensed truck drivers. If we take the example of Werner Enterprises, you will find that they invested more than $30 million in 2018 alone to increase their truck drivers’ salaries. The investment increased their pay per mile by 11.8%. So, even if you begin at a certain rate per mile, you can increase the amount by improving your performance and matching up to the industrial demands.

According to an estimate, a Class A CDL holding Truck driver can expect to drive between 2,000 to 3,000 miles per week. It’s easier this way so that you can use your odometer to track your expected pay. Truck drivers paid by the number of miles they drove tend to earn more than hourly-paid drivers.

On top of that, truck drivers have the opportunity to earn bonuses, along with their regular pay. But it also depends on what kind of driving you do, your certifications, and the materials you have in your arsenal. So, if you’re a potential truck driver who wants to know all the nooks and crannies about a truck driver’s salary, then keep reading!

Factors that can affect your Truck Driver Salary

There are several factors that can be taken into account if a truck driver wants to improve their income. Here, we present you with some of the major factors which are quite essential for improving the salary scale of any truck driver.


If you’re a driver who loves to go the distance, then you can probably earn money quicker. Smaller driving distances are often convenient, but they provide lesser pay.

Education and Licensing

Truck drivers who have a Commercial Driver’s License earn more than drivers without one. Furthermore, the training and education provided for trucking also play a major part. For starters, if you’re enrolling yourself in a commercial driving school, then you will have a higher chance of landing a job than those who opt for private training. For starters, you don’t get hands-on experience while you’re learning through private tutoring. If you’re looking for a good trucking school, then connect with a U.S. trucking school right now!


In today’s trucking sector, the employee turnover rate is quite huge. Let’s face it, most people don’t have the endurance for this job and just jump on the bandwagon because of good pay. But they end up quitting within a short period of time. But if you manage to stick around for some years and prove yourself on the road, you can command a more competitive package.


Usually, locations don’t play a heavier role in the salary difference for a truck driver. But some regions might help you earn more than other regions.


Bonuses depend on what the companies are offering to their truck drivers outstanding perks and bonuses, which take their salary scale to a better level. Several bonuses are offered to Class A truck drivers. A few of them are as follows

  • Monthly mileage
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Layover pays
  • Clean DOT Inspections

Specific Roles

Last but not least, there are several truck driving roles on the market. And different types of trucking jobs offer different sets of truck driver salaries. So, if you want to build on your truck driving experience, then all you have to do is research.

Different Structures for Devising Truck Drivers Salary

Within the trucking industries, you will find that some different carriers and companies use different ways of calculating wages. Of course, we mentioned that getting paid by the miles you drive is the best way of finalizing transactions. However, there are other ways to measure a truck driver salary, which we will elaborate on below.

Truck Drivers Salary on Per Hour Basis

Hourly compensation is quite common in employment, and similar is the case for the trucking industry. According to statistics, the average truck driver salary is $24 per hour. What makes hourly payment advantageous is that you will be provided your assigned weekly hours beforehand. That allows you to record your steady income and plan accordingly.

Truck Drivers Salary on Per Mile Basis

Most young trucking drivers opt for trucking salaries based on the number of miles driven. The mileage may vary from time to time, but you will find when comparing their wages to other salary structures, they earn a lot more. It all depends on how much you can endure. If you have a good tolerance level, then go for the per mile option.

Truck Drivers Salary on Route Basis

Similar to the hourly pay structures, some companies pay on a route basis. In many cases, a truck driver with a normal delivery route will more likely get paid an hourly wage than a lump sum amount. If the routes are fairly short, there’s no need for you to travel overnight; thus, reducing the overall pay. In case of long routes, these drivers should give the FMCSA regulations before they take the trip. Keep in mind that these regulations are only effective if you take a longer than a 150-mile radius.

Should you work for a Small-scale Trucking Company or a Large-scale one for a Good Average Truck Driver Salary?

This is an important question if you want to make the most out of a good trucking career. The Average Truck Driver Salary may vary between industries. You will find that a wider range of salaries is available at large companies than smaller ones in terms of pay. According to a study, it was reported that truckers who worked in smaller companies had CPMs ranging from $0.35 – $0.50. On the other hand, truckers who were part of large-scale trucking organizations had CPMs ranging from $0.23 – $0.60.

But there are other factors which you must take into account as well. For instance, a small trucking company will help you build strong connections with your coworkers and higher-ups. You might also have a flexible job and be offered more responsibilities to demonstrate leadership. So, think about that when you’re applying to a trucking company.

To Sum it Up

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take the wheels and hit the roads. A new career with a spectacular future awaits you. Truckers can potentially make a lot of money per year if they are persistent and have the right qualifications to go through with it. You can even start respectably and quickly move up the ranks in less than six months. So, start your CDL training search right now and get in touch with the local trucking schools right now!

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